What We Do

A national purveyor of education services to private schools and philanthropic services to private schools and other non-profit organizations, ADAC provides to its clients the capacity they want and need to confidently grow in and fully realize their respective missions. ADAC is proactively responsive to each of its client’s unique strengths and opportunities as non-profit organizations serving the common good.


Through stewardship, fundraising becomes both an art and a passion.

Special Education Program Formulation

We provide the tools, the support, the confidence, and the peace-of-mind that all need to teach and to learn well.

Professional Development

We provide to teachers the knowledge they need to teach well.

Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA) Access

We help secure for clients the capacity, confidence, and clout they need to attain for their students (and teachers) their equitable share of IDEA-funded services.

How We Listen

No one can be perfect. A few can be precise. We are among those few.

Precision marks all that ADAC does for its clients, for those whom its clients serve, for you. With precision, ADAC listens and understands. With precision, ADAC plans. With precision, ADAC does.

Precision unto you. Precision unto yours. Precision by the few.

Contact Us

Email any of the leadership team members or call us toll-free at 1-833-ADAC123.

You may also reach out to us by providing your information. We look forward to reaching back!

Is your school a public school?

If so, then please visit ADAC that offers to public schools professional development services.