Development of MTSS

With precision, ADAC provides to your school the capacity to establish a potently effective Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS).

We work with you and your faculty to:

  • Establish and recruit in your school a fully trained MTSS Team
  • Develop and implement MTSS practices, such as data-driven decision making, progress monitoring, and evidence-based supports and strategies
  • Determine, with members of the MTSS Team and based on individual students’ academic, behavioral, or social-emotional needs, the degrees of support that should be granted to individual students
  • Execute effective instructional strategies and interventions; and
  • Facilitate communication with families and, as needed, outside-of-school professionals

A state of being that is so much more than just a transcendental ideal or a political buzz-word, “equality” is circumstantiated by the inherency of each and every human person’s dignity. “Human equality,” however, is not “human equivalence;” within the state of being that is coinhabited by all human persons, human differences most certainly – and tolerably – exist.

At a school. In a classroom. Everywhere.

Including learning differences, these differences render each human person, and thus each student, whom he or she is. Because this rendering determines how each learner will learn, the learning differences which exist between and betwixt all learners must first be recognized, and then acknowledged, and then assimilated into the methods and manners by which teachers can dutifully and lovingly empower all students to achieve their unique educational potential.

Federal title programs and IDEA may partially or fully fund for your teachers this service. With unlocking this funding, we can help you!
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contact Sandra Drummey, Ed.D..
Meet the members of our MTSS Group
Sandra Drummey, Ed.D.
Senior Vice President for Leader & Teacher Development

Sandra Drummey, Ed.D.

Erin Black
Director of Communications & Marketing

Erin Black

William Driscoll

Bill Driscoll

Elizabeth Fitzmaurice
Instructional Coach

Elizabeth Fitzmaurice, Ed.D.

Shannon Mazza

Shannon Mazza

Kate McConnell
Vice President for Student Advocacy & Family Engagement

Kate McConnell