IDEA Child Find Navigation & Advocacy

With precision, ADAC empowers individual students and their respective private school communities to attain from the child find process of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) positive determination(s) of IDEA eligibility.

We work with individual students, families, and leaders of private schools and private school networks to:

  • establish during eligibility determination meetings child-specific and strong, evidence-based cases for the eligibility of individual students
  • mitigate and resolve between individual students/families and LEAs disagreements about eligibility
  • where applicable, attain for individual students positive determination of and resolve with LEAs any disagreements regarding eligibility for services that are provided via state-funded special education programs
  • interpret and execute via engagement with ADAC’s Special Education services the implementation of Individual Service Plans (ISPs)
Kate McConnell
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Essential to the pursuit and accomplishment of the greatest of human endeavors is reciprocity. With education being among the greatest of these endeavors, reciprocity is essential to the transformative enterprise that education – and, particularly, special education – is.

When ADAC is invited in, we help individual students with learning differences, their families, and their school communities to fully procure and responsibly leverage the publicly-funded special education services that are indispensable to these students’ educational well-being.

Because, in the end, indispensable to these students and their families is reciprocity between, on the one hand, their educational best interests and, on the other hand, the crucial resources that, upon being mobilized, can empower these selfsame students to accomplish educational endeavors that, to students and schools alike, are truly – and reciprocally – transformative.

Check out our ADAC Answers podcast episode, “ADAC’s Advocates Answer the Call for Help: One Family’s Journey.”

In this 30-minute podcast, Kate McConnell and Jeff Groves provide an overview of their experiences as, respectively, a special education advocate and the father of a son with multiple special needs. In this episode, Ms. McConnell and Mr. Groves discuss their own experiences of

  • the struggles borne by families to find and secure for their students with special needs the essential services that these students require
  • the importance of engaging special education advocates to attain for students with disabilities services that are well calibrated to the particular needs of said students
  • and more!

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Meet the members of our IDEA Child Find Navigation & Advocacy Group
Kate McConnell
Vice President for Student Advocacy & Family Engagement

Kate McConnell

Julie Cantillon, Ph.D
Vice President for Academics & Advocacy

Julie Cantillon, Ph.D

Ariella Hellman
Senior Vice President for Public Policy & Advocacy

Ariella Hellman

Steve Perla

Steve Perla