More about this webinar series:

“Social-Emotional Health in Body, Mind, & Spirit: Attaining Wholeness for the Whole School Community” is a series of five (5) webinars that provides to school leaders (principals), classroom teachers, and parents guidance on the causes and effects of social-emotional trauma. Major focus is granted to identifying and then addressing within the school community pandemic trauma, heightened anxiety, and depression. Particular foci include the means/methods of (1) collaborative problem solving, (2) diagnosis-specific interventions, (3) educator self-care and wellness, and (4) family engagement. In addition, participants will receive instruction developing and sustaining strategic partnerships with mental health organizations/agencies and leveraging public funding to provide to students and families necessary mental health services. It is hoped that this webinar series will provide to school community stakeholders the insights and tools which are required to create and maintain the social-emotional wellbeing of the entire school community.

Federal title programs (Title IIA & Title IV) may partially or fully fund this webinar series.

As necessary, this federal funding can be pursued and then applied retroactively to fund this webinar series.

With attaining this funding either now or in the future, we can help you!