Professional Development Programs Overview

ADAC’s Professional Development (PD) Programs combine the flexibility of online learning with the customization of educator coaching.

Designed (and delivered) by private school educators for private school educators, ADAC’s PD programs have but a single goal: to empower private school educators to achieve their professional learning goals so that they might become the very best educators that they can be.

ADAC’s PD programs go beyond theory. Packed into each program experience is content that private school educators can immediately integrate into their own praxes – with success.

All program participants are automatically enrolled into the ADAC Community Learning Network. This network affords to participants meaningful opportunities to support, network, and grow with each other in professional communities of practice.

For a complete list of our academic services, please download our catalog (PDF).

Professional Development Programs with ADAC

Inclusive Classrooms: A Learning Support Team Framework for Private Schools
Catholic School Leadership (coming soon!)

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