Professional Development

With precision, ADAC aids your teachers with cultivating – in service to their profession and, most essentially, their students – the skills and techniques they need to unlock the fullness of their students’ potential.

Applied with finesse and exercised with enthusiasm, these refined skills and techniques elevate teaching formulas into a forms of art. Teachers become artisans. Students become masterpieces. And the future becomes a resplendent gallery of dreams fulfilled.

We work with you and your faculty to:

  • Interpret assessment data and identify therefrom individual students’ respective learning gaps
  • Remap curricula to address the identified learning gaps
  • Facilitate faculty-wide and cohort-specific curriculum planning meetings
  • Modify individual teachers’ respective lesson plans
  • Implement modified lesson plans through differentiated instruction
  • Assess the effectiveness of said modifications and differentiation
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contact Sandi Drummey.
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Teacher Support & Inclusion

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