SEL Webinar Series Description

Consisting of 5 webinars, “Social-Emotional Health in Body, Mind, & Spirit: Attaining Wholeness for the Whole School Community” provides to school leaders (principals), classroom teachers, and parents guidance on the causes and effects of social-emotional trauma. Major focus is granted to identifying and then addressing within the school community pandemic trauma, heightened anxiety, and depression. Particular foci include the means/methods of (1) collaborative problem solving, (2) diagnosis-specific interventions, (3) educator self-care and wellness, and (4) family engagement. In addition, participants will receive guidance on developing and sustaining innovative mental health delivery models. It is hoped that this webinar series will provide to school community stakeholders the insights and tools which are required to create and maintain the social-emotional wellbeing of the entire school community.

Presenter Dayhana Schlosser RN, M.Ed has over ten years of experience providing in school settings mental health services.

Webinar #1: Becoming Trauma (Pandemic) Informed Educators

Participants will learn about the possible effects of pandemic trauma on youth. Context will be married with classic mental health awareness tools to help attendees to develop a general understanding of how to anticipate and meet the social emotional learning needs of their respective student populations. REGISTER TODAY!

Webinar #2: Applying the Principles

Participants will learn about community and classroom specific interventions which will help children who may be experiencing the effects of pandemic trauma, heightened anxiety, and depression. Psychological concepts such as collaborative problem solving and diagnosis-specific interventions will be presented. REGISTER TODAY!

Webinar #3: Educator Health & Wellness

Educators are the backbone of any school community. Ensuring that proper systems and infrastructures are in place to support educator self-care and wellness is an essential piece to the puzzle of creating a healthy school community. School leaders will learn how to create and then affix this piece into that overall puzzle. REGISTER TODAY!

Webinar #4: Engaging Families in Support of Student Social and Emotional Health

Many hands make light work! When educators and systems within schools are created through a lens of family engagement, children’s mental health becomes vastly improved. Together we will explore best practices in family engagement. Participants will leave with a basic blueprint to take back to – and hopefully begin applying within – their respective schools. REGISTER TODAY!

Webinar #5: Innovative school-based mental health delivery & funding models

Developing and sustaining strategic partnerships with mental health organizations/agencies and leveraging public funding to provide to students and families mental health services are key to creating sustainable school-based systems of mental health service delivery. In addition to learning how to implement these systems, participants will learn how to identify possible partner organizations/agencies and public funding sources. REGISTER TODAY!

Title II & Title IV funds can cover the cost of Social-Emotional Health in Body, Mind, & Spirit. With unlocking this funding, we can help you!