Campaign Plans & Counsel

With precision, we work with you to devise, implement, and carry out your next major campaign.

We work with you to:

  • Recruit campaign leadership, including a campaign steering committee
  • Build a comprehensive written campaign plan, inclusive of a perfected case for support and a reasonable, achievable – even “exceedable” – campaign goal
  • Institute formally an efficient and effective campaign structure, including policies and procedures, budget, timeline, and communications strategy
  • Attain and retain donors of all levels – including major donors – through donor-centered stewardship

Having in your head a well-reasoned campaign goal is critical. Having in your pocket a well-tested campaign plan is pivotal. Having by your side people like us who are passionate about philanthropy is indispensable.

Critical, pivotal, and indispensable are also those donors of yours whose current generosity already matches their philanthropic capacity. Even more so, however, are those donors of yours whose most genuine philanthropic capacity has not yet been unlocked but will be by the key that is your next campaign.

For more information about this service,
contact Tom Olson.
Meet the members of our Campaign Plans & Counsel Group
Tom Olson

Tom Olson

Chief Executive Officer

Shaun Riedell

Shaun Riedel

Strategic Communications & Board Development

Sarah Heaton

Sarah Heaton

Marketing, Recruitment, & Development

Robert Degre

Robert Degre

Vice President of Operations