General In-Class Coaching

With precision, ADAC provides to your teachers the one-on-one, customized aid they need to become preeminent educators.

We work with you and your faculty to provide:

  • Individualized, in-class observation of student-learning and direct assistance with identifying specific strategies and the specific students who may benefit from each of these strategies
  • Individualized, pedagogical suggestions geared and targeted toward helping each teacher to become adept at effectively utilizing assessment data, mapping curricula, and modifying lesson plans
  • Onsite and/or off-site one-on-one coaching and support to implement educational strategies/interventions and to enhance, over the long-term, your teachers’ overall teaching acuity

Beholding the teachers whom it serves as compeers and as merely an invited, classroom guest, ADAC observes each teacher in action. Then, through the one-on-one mentorship that follows, ADAC becomes to each teacher an ally, a confidant, and a resource. For ADAC, mindfulness of and appreciation for each teacher’s unique talents and dispositions are the chosen means toward helping teachers to achieve the goal of teaching excellence.

Federal title programs and IDEA may partially or fully fund for your teachers this in-class coaching. With unlocking this funding, we can help you!
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Sandra Drummey, Ed.D.
Senior Vice President for Leader & Teacher Development

Sandra Drummey

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Director of Communications & Marketing

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Leadership & Special Needs Services

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Educational Administration & Special Education

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