Access & Coaching

With precision, we help schools to attain for their students (and teachers) their equitable-share of federally funded services.

We work with you and your leaders to:

  • Initiate, manage, and develop the relationship that, as required by federal law, should be operative between private schools and their respective local public-school districts (LEAs), including the exchange of necessary information and consultation meeting preparation and follow-up
  • Identify opportunities for immediate enforcement measures and collaborate with your LEA to amicably resolve any extant enforcement lapses
  • Represent school leaders at consultation meetings, and, on school leaders’ behalf, develop, manage, and utilize – for the direct and indirect benefit of private school students and teachers – cooperative relationships with the LEA and, as necessary, state education agency (SEA) officials
  • Develop and maintain a federal grants allocation and expenditure tracking system, and provide quarterly updates about grant expenditures
  • Develop and maintain an ESSA, IDEA, and EANS budget tracking system by establishing and maintaining with LEA staffs a positive working relationship and invoicing processing system

The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), and, more recently, the Emergency Assistance for Non-Public Schools program (EANS) provide to private school students (and their teachers) federally-funded education services.

Over the past decades, untold numbers of private school students have been unable to access their equitable share of federally-funded services. This has blunted these same schools’ capacities to live up to their missions, retain their enrollments, and offer compelling educational alternatives. ADAC endeavors to collaboratively work with both public and private school stakeholders to address extant access challenges.

Educating school leaders and constructing “grassroots” support are among the ways that we help secure for clients the capacity and confidence they need to attain for their students those students’ equitable share of federally-funded services.

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Ariella Hellman.
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Ariella Hellman
Senior Vice President for Public Policy & Advocacy

Ariella Hellman

Erin Black
Coordinator for Special Projects & Instructional Services

Erin Black

Robert Degre
Vice President of Operations

Robert Degre

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Steve Perla