Teaching & Learning Overview

Honing our craft is proper and right for we who have a job, a career, a vocation. All of these and more is teaching. To the hearts and the minds and the lives which are the beneficiaries of a teacher’s cares, teaching is also a veritable treasure.

When ADAC is invited in, we help the keepers of that treasure to care for it, refresh it, renew it. Learning differently with varying strengths and weaknesses are the beneficiaries of the treasure that teaching is, and fully accounting for and being proactively responsive to this is, for every teacher, both the burden and the blessing.

Because, in the end, burdened are they who are not taught well, and blessed are they – our students – who are.

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Teaching & Learning Services from ADAC

General Group Professional Development
Early Childhood Literacy
Personalized Learning: Group Professional Development
Universal Design for Learning (UDL): Group Professional Development
Best Practices in Mathematics Instruction
Culturally Responsive Teaching
Anti-Bullying Support
Social-Emotional Support

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