Universal Design for Learning (UDL): Group Professional Development

With precision, ADAC aids your teachers with cultivating – in service to their profession and, most importantly, their students – the skills and techniques they need to implement in their classrooms and for each of their students UDL.

We provide to your faculty:

  • Preliminary assessment of current pedagogical practices aimed at uncovering the best means of implementing UDL
  • Introductory coaching and guidance on UDL, including what it is, how it works, and how it can – and should – be implemented in each of your school’s classrooms

All activity throughout the cosmos transpires in the midst of that which is, and the most fruitful of all such activities are those which are executed not in spite of, but in cooperation with, everything else.

With the particular being inescapably part of the universal, each particular student’s learning inclinations are optimized when, by design, (s)he is granted suitable-enough freedom to choose, from the whole universe of expedient educational practices, how – and why – that which (s)he is entrusted to learn is to be taught.

Federal title programs and IDEA may partially or fully fund for your teachers this professional development. With unlocking this funding, we can help you!
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contact Sandra Drummey, Ed.D..
Meet the members of our UDL Group
Sandra Drummey, Ed.D.
Senior Vice President for Leader & Teacher Development

Sandra Drummey

Erin Black
Coordinator for Special Projects & Instructional Services

Erin Black

William Driscoll

Bill Driscoll

Elizabeth Fitzmaurice
Instructional Coach

Elizabeth Fitzmaurice, Ed.D.