Anti-Bullying Support

With precision, ADAC provides to your entire school community a wholistic approach to addressing the challenge of bullying.

ADAC and INJAA work with you, your teachers, your students, and your parents to:

  • Identify and address – with truth and compassion – bullying behavior
  • Increase among those engaging in bullying behavior awareness, self-reflection, and a desire to change
  • Help those who are being bullied to find and lay claim to courage and hope
  • Give students specific SEL-based tools for creating a kinder, more tolerant, forgiving, and inclusive culture
  • Train faculty and staff on intuitive, enlightened, actionable, and sustainable intervention strategies and techniques
  • Train faculty and staff to work with challenging parents
  • Support, educate, awaken, and engage parents on communications and expectation-management practices that build parents’ trust, make them feel heard, and set the tone for a productive partnership between parents and the school community

Jodee BlancoADAC is proud to partner with New York Times bestselling author, survivor, and anti-bullying expert, Jodee Blanco, whose seminal work, Please Stop Laughing at Me . . ., established her as the first voice of the anti-bullying movement in America.

Jodee’s anti-bullying program INJJA (“It’s NOT Just Joking Around!”) addresses the matrix of bullying – students, parents, and the school community – and offers a realistic and practical plan of action for sustainable change.

When creatures are frightened, angry, or pained, they may react toward their fellows in ways that elicit – within or from their fellows – fear, anger, or pain.

Fear begets fear. Anger begets anger. Pain begets pain. Of bullying and being bullied, such begetting is both a cause and an effect. But wheresoever there is encouragement instead of fear, there is courage. Howsoever there is acceptance instead of anger, there is inclusion. And whensoever there is healing instead of pain, there is forgiveness.

Comingled, these become the balm of compassion, and for the bully and the bullied alike, that balm is the catalyst for conversion.

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Jodee Blanco


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