Covid Come-Back: “Reimagining your curriculum this Fall” webinar series

Problems-without-precedent require fixes-without-frivolity. COVID-19 is just such a problem. Its continuing assault on schools and students, teachers and tuitions is one of the gravest that schools have ever faced.

The non-frivolous fix will require creativity, adaptability, and broad-mindedness, which are qualities that some schools have already begun to demonstrate in their respective responses to the corona-crisis. Through virtual learning initiatives, these schools have shown that even during the grimmest of times, the great mission of educating the next generation can – and must – go on.

As our world continues to beat back the virus’s assault, learning gaps in English-language arts, reading, and math will only grow wider. And when and howsoever students and teachers may finally return to their brick and mortar classrooms, truly gaping will these gaps be. On that morning, the worst of COVID-19’s assault will have been beaten back, but the crusade to bridge those gaps – and recoup the educational time that had been lost – will just be beginning.

COVID Come-Back: Reimagining your curriculum this Fall is presented via a 6-part live webinar series (GoToWebinar with participant Q & A) by Sandra Drummey, Ed.D., Ed.D and Gretchen Hawley, Ed.D. Collectively, Sandi and Gretchen bring to this effort over 6 decades of experience as Catholic school teachers and administrators.

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6th webinar: Mapping for the Social/Emotional Impact

Among COVID-19’s most serious, seismic, and silent harms is its heavy social/emotional toll. From this harm and toll no one is excused; at the mercy of both are Catholic school students, but also Catholic school families and teachers. Thus, essential to Catholic schools’ come-back this fall will be their capacity to help their students (and community) to cope well, recoup their social/emotional capital, and remain strong – socially and emotionally.

Dahyana Paul Schlosser RN, M.Ed.

Join us as we explore with Dahyana Schlosser RN, M.Ed how this kind of come-back can be achieved. Ms. Schlosser will offer interactive guidance on the underpinnings of social/emotional challenges and how school leaders and teachers can recognize in even the quietest students these challenges, address them with targeted strategies, and harness the power of the entire school community to ensure that students and teachers alike can be socially sound and emotionally healthy.

Dahyana is a Registered Nurse, Child and Family Therapist, and Catholic School Mental Health Consultant. With over ten years of experience in the mental health field, Dahyana’s is a particular passion for helping school communities to overcome mental health challenges.

We will work with you and your faculty via webinar to:
  • Devise a school-wide, standards-based, student-specific educational plan for re-entry by utilizing student assessment data
  • Create a revised curriculum-map for reading, English-language arts, and math
  • Develop an alternative school-day schedule to address learning deficits and meet student learning needs through differentiation
  • Build a parent communications plan to facilitate proactive partnerships between your school and parents

Title II & Title IV funds (as well as the CARES Act’s ESSER funds) can cover the cost of COVID Come-Back TLC. With unlocking this funding, we can help you!