Development Audits

With precision, we take a look at your entire development operation, from the ground up.

We work with you to:

  • Analyze your bylaws and internal policies
  • Appraise your programs’ effectiveness
  • Scrutinize your case-for-support, direct mail, social media, and/or website
  • Assess the philanthropic engagement of your board, staff, and volunteers

Your board. Your leadership. Your staff. Your volunteers. Your mission statement and visioning. Your operation. Your programming. Your branding and marketing. You. Ours are eyes which are fresh, and so with precision, we see what your organization does well, and we look at what and how it could improve. And then, we ask, but more importantly, help you and your team to answer and then come to own for yourselves the answers to crucial questions.

How well-structured for success are you? How compelling and clear-cut are your strategic vision, your mission, and your marketing for the present and for the future? If you were to become better prepared for tomorrow’s opportunities, then what could – what should – you do today?

For more information about this service,
contact Tom Olson.
Meet the members of our Development Audits Group
Tom Olson

Tom Olson

Chief Executive Officer

Shaun Riedell

Shaun Riedel

Strategic Communications & Board Development

Sarah Heaton

Sarah Heaton

Marketing, Recruitment, & Development

Jeff Groves

Jeff Groves

Creative Direction & Brand Development