Fill the Math GAPS Informational Webinar

Learning gaps in math persist and are ever-widening.
In Geometry. Algebra. Pre-algebra. Statistics.

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To the present and future success of today’s high school students, these learning gaps are an urgent problem. To this math-based problem there is a math-based solution: ADAC’s Best Practices in Mathematic Instruction service + The Think Tank’s Fill the Math GAPS™ platform.

  • A solution that relies on individualized assessment data to identify the specific learning gaps of each and every math student.
  • A solution that is customized and responsive to the learning and teaching needs of, respectively, math students and math teachers.
  • A solution that can be seamlessly integrated into each and every math teacher’s existing instructional plans.
  • A solution that will finally close for all Geometry, Algebra, Pre-algebra, and Statistics students learning GAPS.

The “Fill the Math GAPS” program consists of:
  • Core math skills curated for your school and designed to solidify your high school students’ foundations in Geometry, Algebra, Pre-Algebra, and Statistics (GAPS)
  • A weekly, in-class online quiz program that provides individualized, instant feedback and immediate access to video-based instruction
  • Cumulative data tracking and progress reporting to your high school students, teachers, and administrators with crucial feedback regarding areas for improvement