Campaign Feasibility Studies

With precision, we help you to determine whether the time is “now” to consider a major campaign.

We work with you to:

  • Preliminarily determine how and whether the time and the opportunities are right for a possible major campaign
  • Instigate, cultivate, and harness within and among your stakeholders excitement about a possible major campaign by intimately involving them in helping you to determine whether the time for one is either now or later
  • Complete a major campaign feasibility study, inclusive of a renewed case for support and definitive, quantitative, and qualitative recommendations on how your campaign should be structured and what its goal, timeline, communication plan etc. should and could be

Goals. You have them. Your organization has them. So also do your programs and your people. Instinctive is having basic goals, but imperative is setting reasonable ones. When it comes your most important development objectives, what is reasonable? What is feasible?

With precision, we help you to answer those questions so that you can invest the bulk of your goal-setting energies elsewhere. While you do that, we do the hard and necessary work of taking an incisive look at how your current fundraising power and potential can, could, and should be leveraged in and for the future.

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contact Tom Olson.
Meet the members of our Campaign Feasibility Studies Group
Tom Olson
Chief Executive Officer

Tom Olson

Erin Black
Coordinator for Special Projects & Instructional Services

Erin Black

Robert Degre
Vice President of Operations

Robert Degre

Strategic Communications & Board Development

Shaun Riedel