Social-Emotional Support

With precision, ADAC aids your stakeholders – your teachers, your staff, your parents, and you – in cultivating a school community that is as healthy as it can be.

We work with you and all of your stakeholders to:

  • Understand the signs of and recognize through proactive use of identifying tactics social/emotional distress in students and families
  • Learn how to assess social/emotional needs and apply, in collaboration with other helpers, strategies to aid students and families in addressing their social and emotional challenges
  • Envision, design, and execute strategies to meet the entire school community’s social/emotional needs and maximize, in both the short-term and long-term, said community’s overall social/emotional well-being

Salubrity of mind and vitality of spirit are necessary for the human flourishing which is both the object and the goal of education. If inside a person there rage despair instead of solace, desolation instead of joy, or despondency instead of hope, then both teaching and learning – to say nothing of loving and living – can become arduous.

Federal title programs and IDEA may partially or fully fund for your teachers this social-emotional support. With unlocking this funding, we can help you!
Elizabeth Fitzmaurice, Ed.D.
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Social-Emotional Health in Body, Mind, & Spirit: Attaining Wholeness for the Whole School Community

Meet the members of our Social-Emotional Support Group
Sandra Drummey, Ed.D

Sandra Drummey, Ed.D

Senior Vice President for Leader & Teacher Development

Jackie Guglielmo

Jackie Guglielmo

Special Education

Elizabeth Fitzmaurice, Ed.D

Elizabeth Fitzmaurice, Ed.D

Vice President for Public School Leader & Teacher Development

Dahyana Paul Schlosser RN, M.Ed

Dahyana Schlosser

SEL & Mental Health

Chris Cipriano, Ed.D

Chris Cipriano, Ed.D

SEL & Culturally Responsive Teaching