Social-Emotional Support

With precision, ADAC aids your stakeholders – your teachers, your staff, your parents, and you – in cultivating a school community that is as healthy as it can be.

Salubrity of mind and vitality of spirit are necessary for the human flourishing which is both the object and the goal of education. If inside a person there rage despair instead of solace, desolation instead of joy, or despondency instead of hope, then both teaching and learning – to say nothing of loving and living – can become arduous.

We work with you and all of your stakeholders to:

  • Understand the signs of and recognize through proactive use of identifying tactics social/emotional distress in students and families
  • Learn how to assess social/emotional needs and apply, in collaboration with other helpers, strategies to aid students and families in addressing their social and emotional challenges
  • Envision, design, and execute strategies to meet the entire school community’s social/emotional needs and maximize, in both the short-term and long-term, said community’s overall social/emotional well-being
Meet the members of our Social-Emotional Support Group
SEL & Mental Health

Dahyana Schlosser


Sandra Drummey