Social-Emotional Health in Body, Mind, & Spirit

Attaining Wholeness for the Whole School Community

A 5-part webinar series addressing the social-emotional needs of students, teachers, and families

Social-emotional distress can cripple – even ruin – a person’s body, mind, and/or spirit. When this occurs, crippled – maybe even ruined – can a human person and/or his or her community also become.

For this reason, it is vital for each school community to identify and then mitigate among its students, families, and staff social-emotional distress and stressors.

Via a 5-part webinar series to be led by Dahyana Schlosser, RN, M.Ed, ADAC will teach school leaders and teachers how to do this.


1st webinar:

Becoming Trauma (Pandemic) Informed Educators
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2nd webinar:

the Principles
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3rd webinar:

Educator Health
& Wellness
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4th webinar:

Engaging Families in
Support of Student Social and Emotional Health
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5th webinar:

Innovative school-based mental health delivery & funding models
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  • If you are unable to attend a LIVE webinar, then a recorded version of the webinar(s) will be made available.
  • Each school need only pay once for each (or all) of these webinars!
  • Principals may grant to each member of their respective faculties access to the recorded and/or live versions for free. Each participant/viewer will be granted their own credentials.

Federal title programs (Title IIA & Title IV) may partially or fully fund Social-Emotional Health in Body, Mind, & Spirit.
As necessary, this federal funding can be pursued and then applied retroactively for this webinar.
With attaining this funding either now or in the future, we can help you!
About our presenter, Dahyana Schlosser, RN, M.Ed:

Ms. Schlosser will provide guidance and instruction on identifying within school communities pandemic trauma, heightened anxiety, and depression. Collaborative problem solving, diagnosis-specific interventions, educator self-care and wellness, and family engagement will be among the foci. Additionally, participants will learn how to create a sustainable mental health support infrastructure within schools through the leveraging of public funding sources and establishment of strategic partnerships with external mental health agencies/organizations.

Dahyana is a Registered Nurse, Child and Family Therapist, and Catholic School Mental Health Consultant. With over 10 years of experience in the mental health field, Dahyana’s is a particular passion for helping school communities to overcome mental health challenges.