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COVID Come-Back: Reimagining your curriculum this Fall



1st webinar:
Mapping the Re-Entry

Recording now available

2nd webinar:
Mapping the Math

Recording now available

3rd webinar:
Mapping the Reading

Recording now available

4th webinar:
Mapping the Writing

Recording now available

5th webinar:
Mapping for SPED

Recording now available

6th webinar:
Mapping for the Social/Emotional Impact

Recording now available

Click here for a complete description of each webinar.

If you are unable to attend a LIVE webinar, then a recorded version of the webinar(s) will be made available.


Each school need only pay once for each (or all) of these webinars!

Principals may grant to each member of their respective faculties access to the recorded and/or live versions for free. Each participant/viewer will be granted their own credentials. Please contact us if you would like to provide access to more than one person.

Federal title programs (Title IIA & Title IV) may partially or fully fund “COVID Come-Back.”

As necessary, this federal funding can be pursued and then applied retroactively to “COVID Come-Back.”

With attaining this funding either now or in the future, we can help you!

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  3. purchase your webinar(s)

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