Federal Programs Guidance

With precision, we help you and your school leaders to secure for your students their fair and equitable share of federal funding.

We work with you and your school leaders to:

  • Assess your local public school district’s (LEA’s) compliance with ESSA & IDEA regulations and statutes
  • Identify the ESSA, IDEA, and EANS-funded services which would optimally contribute to and support the educational strategic plans of individual schools and/or private school networks such as special education support and services, professional development, mental health counseling, tutoring and mentoring, support for English language learners, etc.

Fair. Equitable.

Ambiguous in meaning, and at times open to interpretation and debate, these two words signify for private school students and families – in a uniquely American manner – their sharing in the common purse and their access to equitable educational services.

When ADAC is invited in, we help the federal tax payers of the future – your students – to receive the services to which they are entitled under the federal title programs ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act), IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act), and EANS (Emergency Assistance for Non-Public Schools Program).

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Meet the members of our Federal Programs Guidance Group
Steve Perla

Steve Perla


Robert Degre

Robert Degre

Vice President of Operations

Marie St. Fleur

Marie St. Fleur

Early Childhood Education

Ariella Hellman

Ariella Hellman, Esq.

Senior Vice President for Public Policy & Advocacy