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In a free and prosperous society, divergent interests can and do compete. Honest give-and-take is vital. Principled compromise is crucial.

When ADAC is invited in, we help schools to identify their public policy goals. Then, we help schools to fathom how the enforcement, regulatory, and statutory landscape of state and federal programs hasten their pursuit thereof. We guide schools toward identifying through that landscape a path. Then, on that path we accompany schools toward achieving their public policy aims.

Educating stakeholders, identifying partners, constructing “grassroots” support, and building relationships with key legislative constituencies are what ADAC does with and on behalf of private schools. Complicated? Sometimes. Important? Always. With the precision that ADAC provides, effective and transformational? You bet.

Because, in the end, “effective” and “transformational” is what government “of, by, and for the people” is all about. And when it comes to pursuing the publicly-funded services to which the private school children of state and federal tax payers are entitled, betting on private school students and their families is for all students and families the best bet.

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